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Recent News

September 2022

  • 15 September - New River Chapter - Breakfast on the Mountain, Mt. Jefferson, West Jefferson, NC
    • 2 of our members: Lance Campbell and Doug May, attended the New River Chapter "Breakfast on the Mountain."
    • The event was held at the pavilion at Mt. Jefferson in West Jefferson, NC.
    • Many New River Chapter members were there to enjoy a wonderful breakfast and a nice morning of socializing with fellow MOAA members.
    • It was a beautiful morning in an incredible setting.

  • 23 September - Road pick-up - Booneshine Brewery, Boone, NC
    • Met at 1100 to take care of the street clean up.
    • Gloves, safety vests, and bags were provided.
    • Afterward we went to Booneshine Brewerey for mingling, food, and beverages.

June 2022

  • 7 June - HCCMOAA Joint Meeting with New River Chapter - National MOAA Speaker
    • We had a very enjoyable evening, socializing with our fellow members along with members of the New River Chapter.
    • In addition, we had a very informative talk by an interesting and well-informed speaker from National MOAA - Col. Dan Merry
      • Col. Merry is the Vice President of Government Relations and spoke on several requested issues.

May 2022

  • 30 May - Memorial Day Ceremony, Boone Mall, Boone, NC
    • We held our first full event at the Boone Mall since the beginning of the pandemic and it was well-attended.
    • We spaced the chairs a little further apart and it appeared that everyone felt comfortable.
    • As has been the case at former events held at the mall, we had the additional support of the Watauga Community Band and the folks from the Boone Mall.
    • A big thank you to all who attended and made this year's event a hugh success!

April 2022

  • 19 April - Blue Star Mothers Fundraiser at Come Back Shack
    • We passed along information to our members regarding the Blue Star Mothers' fundraiser at the Come Back Shack in Boone.
    • The Blue Star Mothers partnered with Come Back Shack to get a portion of the price of a meal donated to them.

  • 23 April - Rescheduled Road pick-up and Officers' Call - Booneshine Brewery, Boone, NC
    • We held our rescheduled inaugural road pickup, picked up trash along Industrial Park Road, and enjoyed a delicious meal afterward.
    • This event was rescheduled from our original date of 7 January when it had freshly snowed, covering the entire area we were due to pickup. In addition, it was bitterly cold, so we rescheduled it for a time when it was bound to be more reasonable weather...

March 2022

  • 10 March - MC JrROTC Presentations - MOAA Awards were given to deserving cadets in the Watauga High School MCJROTC.
  • x March - MC JrROTC Scholarship Awards - We were able to give financial scholarships to 4 cadets.

January 2022

  • 1 January - Happy New Year!
  • We hope that each of you and your families are continuing to be healthy and are having a very happy New Year. Please continue to be patient and considerate as things return to "normal."

  • 7 January - 1st HCCMOAA Road Cleanup! - CANCELLED!
    Please note: we have had to cancel this inaugural event due to weather. It was not only bitter cold, but there was complete snowcover which precluded seeing anything we may have needed to pick up. We will reschedule when the weather permits.

December 2021

  • 25 December - Merry Christmas
    We hope each of you had an enjoyable holiday time period and that you remain healthy and safe. We are planning on several more face-to-face meetings this coming year!

November 2021

  • 11 November - Veterans Day Ceremony
  • 12 November - NC-COC - Quarterly Meeting
  • The NC Council of Chapters held their 4th quarter meeting in-person at the Hawthorne Inn in Winston-Salem, NC. The presidents of the various NC chapters were in attendence. There was an announcement of the success in our efforts to get the state of North Carolina to apply the Bailey-Patton exemption to all veterans living in the state. Now all retired veterans living in North Carolina will have their pensions exempt from NC State taxes. The Chapter representatives also shared their successes since our last meeting. And, we witnessed the "changing of the guard" as our new council officers were sworn in.