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A 501(c)19 Taxes Exempt Veterans Organization
Military Officers Association of America
Post Office Box 3312
Boone, NC 28607



Board of Directors Meeting
7 September 2022

  1. The Board of Directors meeting of the High Country Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America was conducted 2 Feb 2022 at Ransom restaurant, Boone, NC. The call to order by President Doug May, occurred at 1715

  2. Directors attending:
    1. Lem (Ted) Alley MAJ, USAFR (Ret),(Chair Program Committee)
    2. George Brudzinski LtCol, USMC (Ret),(Treasurer)
    3. Lance Campbell LTC, USA (Ret),(Secretary)
    4. Benjamin (Ben) Covington COL, USA (Ret),(Chair Membership)
    5. James (Jim) Fisher CAPT USN (Ret),(Chaplain)(Personal Affairs)
    6. Mary (Frankie) Groff (Surviving Spouse Liaison)
    7. Robert (Bob) Love LT USN (Fmr)
    8. Douglas (Doug) May PhD, Capt, USMC (Fmr),(President)(Webmaster [['Zoom-master'])
    9. Marvin (Marv) Williamsen PhD, MAJ, USAR (Ret),(Chair History)
    10. Frederick (Fred) Schmitt CAPT, USCG (Ret).(1st Vice President)(Immediate Past President)(Chair Nominating Committee)
    11. James (Jim) Walker Brig Gen, USMC (Ret)

  3. Board Members Absent:
    1. Benjamin (Ben) Covington COL, USA (Ret),(Chair Membership)

  4. Quorum (8 req):Yes (11)

  5. The Agenda (Fred) and Secretary's report (Lance) were sent electronically to the Board prior to the meeting.

  6. The Pledge of Allegiance occurred at 1716 in presence of the American Flag.

  7. An invocation was next offered by Jim W., emphasizing the importance of reflecting upon the word 'indivisible' in the aforementioned Pledge, particularly in this time of seemingly divisive politics and culture globally.

  8. The Secretary's Report, for the 3 Aug 2022 BOD meeting, held at Ransom restaurant, previously submitted as draft minutes by Lance to Doug, Fred & George for approval, was received electronically by the Board prior to the meeting.

    1. Lance again inquired if the current arrangement of sending the Secretary's Report electronically to BOD was effective - response was positive.

    2. After a brief summary by Lance, the Secretary's Report was accepted unanimously by the Board with no edits.

  9. The Treasurer's Report was previously submitted by George electronically to the Board. Income/Expenses were clearly itemized stating a checking account balance of $17,073.40 as of 1 Sept 2022. Included was the operating budget itemizing revenue/expenses and budget/actual amounts, again clearly communicated. Balance reflects cumulative fiscal YTD checking account interest and member dues.

    1. We received a $1,500 donation from Blood Sweat & Gears (BSG, Inc).

    2. We gave ASU Student Veteran Services a grant of $250.00.

      1. George mentioned that although we had received a thank you note from Caitlin Langely (President ASU Student Veterans Assn), that check had yet to be cashed.

    3. A $500 scholarship check to a WHS MCJROTC student also had yet to be cashed. LTC Wes Young is aware & will remind the cadet.

    4. George mentioned he had received payments for the 18 Aug BBQ from all 5 'no-shows'.

      1. Barbara Daye has not attended the previous 2 events despite positive RSVPs.

    5. The Treasurer's Report was accepted unanimously after discussion.

      1. A brief introduction by George of the 2022-23 Draft budget was offered. This item will be tabled until the Oct BOD meeting.

        1. Fiscal year starts 1 Oct.

  10. Standing Business

    1. Upon asking for feedback on our 18 Aug catered BBQ at the the Blowing Rock Rotary Pavilion, the response was wholly positive. Particularly, the informality of the meeting was mentioned as fostering fellowship among the attendees.

      1. Fred offered appreciation to Ted, George & Lance for their efforts for this project.

      2. Doug mentioned he neglected to introduce LTC Adam Greene, new ASU ROTC PMS.

        1. Cpt. Presley USA, was also present as the incoming ASU ROTC XO.

      3. Representative Virginia. Foxx was in attendance and welcomed by our membership.

      4. Caterer (Hogg Wild) was very attentive to this event & the consensus was high degree of satisfaction.

    2. Update on placing flags on local Veteran's gravesites at Mountain Lawn Cemetery:

      1. Patsy had contacted Nancy Wiggins (President of Cemetery BOD) who estimated ~200 Veteran graves in the Cemetery.

        1. Mt Lawn records are incomplete.

        2. Patsy contacted Hampton Funeral & George contacted Austin/ Barnes: both appeared very willing to support this project.

      2. Although this project holds great promise for a Chapter event, it was agreed the calendar would better support a target of Memorial Day 2023.

        1. Further, National MOAA may offer a $300 grant for such an activity.

        2. Patsy offered this project could grow into more cemeteries.

        3. George offered it could possibly become a fund raising event and would require a dedicated volunteer team from the Chapter.

          1. Perhaps even job descriptions for the team leaders.

        4. Jim F. offered that his experience in D.C. for Wreathes Across America was entirely rewarding.

      3. MOAA Council & Chapter Leaders Workshop (Mid-Atlantic Region) 12-13 August 2022.

        1. Invited Participants: Registered Council and Chapter Presidents, Membership Chairs, Legislative Chairs/Liaisons, and Surviving Spouse Liaisons from GA, KY, NC, SC, TN, VA, WV and Virtual Chapters.

        2. Frankie & Lance offered positive feedback on their attendance:

          1. Breakout sessions were offered for Chapter Management, Legislative training & Surviving Spouse liaison training,

      4. Next HCCMOAA quarterly meeting

        1. Ted offered his contact with App Ski Man revealed a tight calendar with no open dates until 15 Dec.

          1. The Board asked Ted to contact Boone Golf for October opportunties - perhaps 27 Oct.

            1. Discussion regarding slate of Officers and BOD members for 2022-23.

            2. Fred, as Chair Nominating Committee, initiated the discussion:

              1. Initial agreement from Fred as 1st VP; Frankie as potential President; Lance as continuing Secretary and George as continuing Treasurer was welcomed.

              2. Importantly for this discussion:

                1. Jim Walker was attending his last Chapter BOD in August as he & Nancy will be relocating to Greenville, SC.

                2. Ted indicated he will relinquish his role in Chapter BOD due to imminent retirement of wife Brenda.

                3. Ben had indicated that although he desired to continue on BOD, he would withdraw from role as Chair Membership.

                  1. Bob L. had offered to accept the Chair of Membership and Doug, as President, appointed Bob as such - thank you Bob.

                  2. Bob inquired about the updated MOAA Committee Module (CM) for Q1 2023. The user friendliness will improve as a recruiting tool.

                    1. Bob independently contacted National and is now authorized to enter the CM along with Doug & Lance. This will allow access the 'Near Real Time' report.

                      1. Chapter needs include a nominee for 2nd VP (Legislative Chapter) & 3 at large BOD members.

                    2. This discussion will continue with Fred offering to contact Bob Gibbard for his return to the BOD.

                    3. Fred also offered to contact Lloyd Scott for participation on BOD.

                    4. Patsy offered to contact Melanie Trado for participation on BOD.

                  3. Mention of a Christmas time event evolved into agreement for a 'Holiday Party' in the Jan-Feb 2023 timeframe.

                  4. ASU ROTC/WHS MCJROTC update

                    1. Bob has been in contact with LTC Wes Young - newly appointed Director of the WHS MCJROTC program.

                    2. Wes was willing to continue the lecture series offered by our Chapter in 2022.

                    3. He further was willing to support our Chapter with Honor Guard teams for our Veterans Day & Memorial Day events - an outstanding offer,

                    4. Jim B. has renewed our Chapter commitment with Town of Boone for our 'Adopt A Street' cleanup program.

                    5. Jim will have vests/gloves/bags etc @ 1100 Booneshine parking area 23 Sept 2022 for cleanup & 'Officers Call' afterward @ Booneshine.

                    6. Doug inquired about continuing need for our Zoom subscription.

                      1. Agreement was reached to allow subscription to lapse.

                    7. The New River Chapter of MOAA is having a 'Breakfast on the Mountain' event 1100, 15 Sept at Mt. Jefferson picnic area. HCCMOAA members are encouraged and invited to attend. (Check email for invitation).

      5. The meeting was adjourned at 1840 by unanimous decision with next BOD meeting scheduled for 5 Oct 2022 @1700 Ransom Restaurant.
      6. Respectfully submitted:

        Lance Campbell LTC,USA (Ret)