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A 501(c)19 Taxes Exempt Veterans Organization
Military Officers Association of America
Post Office Box 3312
Boone, NC 28607


Board of Directors Meeting
5 February 2020

  1. The Board of Directors meeting of the High Country Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America was called to order by President Douglas May at the Sagebrush Restaurant, Boone, NC at 1730 hours with no quorum. Board meeting began with THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE.

  2. Board Members Present: Doug May (President); John Alley (1st Vice President); Fred Schmitt (Immediate past president); George Brudzinski; Jerry Harper; Jim Walker; Marv Williamsen.

  3. Board Members Absent: Ben Covington (Membership); John Persad (2nd Vice President - Legislative); Frankie Groff (Secretary); Ed Groff (Treasurer); Jerry Daley (Chaplain); Ted Alley; Lance Campbell.

  4. Approval of Minutes: Minutes from previous meeting (8 Jan) approved by all present, with final approval pending email polling by President of the absent members.

  5. Treasurer Report: Chapter balance - $12,135.95 - submitted by interim treasurer George Brudzinski. No concerns.

  6. President's Remarks: Continuing concern for the health of Ed Groff and challenges for Frankie Groff, and Ruth Covington.

  7. Old and Standing Business

    1. HCCMOAA Challenge coins. Inventory maintained by John Alley is stable.

    2. HCCMOAA Bank Account (Lifestore - Cindy Gore POC).
      1. Signature privileges are current in accordance with the Board's decision in January, with George Brudzinski serving as interim treasurer.
      2. Annual tax return has been filed.

    3. USAA Grant ($300) has been received and deposited.

    4. Five-Star Award application.
      1. Application due 1 May
      2. Doug May - expressed concern that there are seven (7) members in database with no status in the national chapter column, which is critical for this application.
      3. Fred Schmitt - reviewed update to the scoring criteria, and reviewed options for most significant event of the year category, including the Applebee's spring fundraiser in 2019 and the Persad's hospice initiative.

    5. Request for HCCMOAA Funds. A request for funds of $500 in support of the annual Wounded Warrior "Hero on the Mountain" event at App Ski Mountain was reported favorably (with some reservations) out of the Finance Committee. Doug May has for action to bring before the entire board.

    6. Fundraising
      1. George Brudzinski - Applebees is a definitely out for a pancake style breakfast, but offers the option for a Wednesday evening revenue-sharing option with pre-sold tickets only. The pros/cons of this option were discussed
        1. Pro - the relative ease of this type of event for members.
        2. Con - the limitations on ticket sales and revenue imposed by Applebees, effectively limiting the fund raising opportunity for the club to approx. $500.
        3. George will continue conversations with Chilis as an alternate venue for a pancake type breakfast, and provide information as soon as he meets with the general manager.
        4. George proposed Armed Forces Day on May 16 2020 as a possible fund-raiser date if club can reach an agreement with Chilis.
        5. Potential use of the Harvest House Performing Arts venue was discussed as an alternative fund raising site.
        6. Watauga High School facilities was discussed as an alternative fund raising site. Jerry Harper will discuss possibilities with the administration.
        7. A lengthy lead time for scheduling and planning was discussed as a factor in pursuing one of these latter two options.

    7. Nominating Committee - Fred Schmitt reviewed the requirement to fill all five (5) board member positions for the next organizational year.

    8. Program Committee - John Alley for Ted Alley, inquired if anyone had proposals for alternate locations for regular board meetings. Basils and Chilis were discussed, but none suitable for club requirements. No feasible alternatives at this time.

    9. Honor Our Vets Program - Fred Schmitt, nothing to report.

  8. New Business

    1. HCCMOAA Historical Project
      1. Marv Williamsen discussed his plan to organize chapter history along a timeline based on source material he possesses.
      2. Doug May and Fred Schmitt both indicated they have material relevant to this project, as does Frankie Groff in her position as secretary.
      3. Marv will continue to collect and review materials and keep the board informed.

  9. Adjournment: With no other business to consider the meeting was adjourned by the President at approximately 1845 hours. Our next scheduled meeting is on Wednesday, 4 March 2020.

  10. Respectfully submitted: Jerry Harper